Saturday, February 26, 2005

Oh yeah... I have a blog

I don't understand how knitters are able to knit things for themselves and other people. I have a damn big list going of people wanting me to knit them things or complaining that I haven't knitted them anything. I haven't even knitted anything for myself and I have a shit load of knitting patterns stashed away. I LOVE The patterns are so funky and modern. I found a really cute pattern for a "mini-sweater" at

I'm still avoiding planning my wedding. Why can't people just say "congratulations!" and not be offended when we don't want a ceromony? We HAVE decided to get married in Maine.

I should stop stalling and go to the lab now. I'm breeding a knockout fly and they are coming out today. (a knockout fly is a fly that is missing 1 or more genes and basically you see what happens)