Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Small world

preventing brain lopsidosis

I went to my first knitting meeting today. It's a group in Kansas City organized through I have a social anxiety so I though I would try it and try to be more social. Just sit, talk and knit. I got a lot more than I ever expected. My cousin who hasn't seen me since I was 8 months old was one of the organizers of the meeting. We had basically forgot each other existed. I don't know hardly any one on my father's side of the family. This was truly an amazing event. My mother taught her to knit when she was 9, which COMPLETELY blows my mind since I've never thought of my mom as a creative person, nor did I know that she knows how to knit. I am so excited to continue attending the knitting meetings and to get to know my new found family member. By the way, my first hat was a bust. I was so excited when I finished it. When I tried it on I realized it was about 2 sizes too small, so hat deuce is in the process. I would be done if I wouldn't have lost my darning needle. Grrr


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